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Welcome to WEEPPLE

Welcome to where activism lives. Join today! Share your local or national stories, along with events, videos, and pictures. Feel free to comment on stories that are shared. is where we join together to train victims to become activists, and where activists become leaders of tomorrow.  

What we Believe:

We Believe Rights are God Given and can not be taken away or given by man or government. If we allow man or government to give and take away rights, we can find ourselves enslaved no matter our race, income, education, or nationality. The only thing that keeps man from playing god as the elite few is to stand for Truth and our God Given Rights!

What we Stand For:

  • Rights to God Made - Given Plant Life with Organic Seed to feed, heal, house all his children. 
  • Rights to God Given Protections such as health and safety, local or national affordable health care options, natural wellness options, local safety review councils
  • Civil Rights Laws made to protect and render Truth and Justice
  • Human Rights Rights to Be, Live, Learn, Teach, Speak, Create, Share, Grow, Gather, move without unjust hindrance
  •  Right of Choice of Beliefs, Consciousness, Individuality, Family, How to Raise Children, Privacy

Join Us if these issue are important to you.

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